Repeater Linking Codes
VE6CNP Crowsnest Pass to VE6HRB Foothills HUB only #491 UP #490 DOWN
VE6CNP Crowsnest Pass to VE7CAP Cranbrook BC HUB only #949 UP #948 DOWN
VE6HRB Foothills to VE7CAP Cranbrook BC HUB #941 UP #940 DOWN (This will bring up the whole system – VE6CNP, VE6HRB, VE7CAP)

  1. If you are in Edmonton and you want to talk to Cranbrook dial 616*, that will bring SARA onto FARS, then dial #941, you are now connected to Cranbrook. To unlink press #940 to unlink Cranbrook then press 617* to drop the SARA system from FARS.
  2. If you are in Cranbrook and you want to talk to Edmonton dial #941, that will connect Cranbrook to FARS, ( Calgary and Southern Alberta ) then dial 616*, you are now connected to Edmonton. To unlink press 617* to unlink SARA then press #940 to drop Cranbrook off of the FARS system.
  3. If you are in Calgary, Lethbridge and you want to talk to Cranbrook dial #941 on any of the FARS repeaters and Cranbrook will be connected. To unlink dial #940.
  4. For repeaters and frequencies all across Alberta and British Columbia with linking doces, please visit these sites:
    1. FARS (Foothills Amateur Radio Society)
    2. SARA (Southern Alberta Repeater Association)
    3. EKARC (East Kootenay Amateur Radio Club)
    4. Alberta Repeater Directory from QCWA CHAPTER 151
Note: All repeaters on the FARS system are linked full time so there is no need to bring up any other links in order to bring Cranbrook onto the system. If you are in range of a FARS repeater or a EKARC repeater just dial #941 up and #940 down to connect the two systems.
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